Thank you for participating in 'Asia Link Sketchwalk Suwon 2023'!

Over four days at the Urban Sketch Festival in Suwon, 

We were joined by approximately 450 sketchers from 15 Asian countries.

We enhanced our drawing skills through high-quality workshops led by 15 artists.

We explored all 9 Sketchwalk points, capturing them in our sketchbooks.

Through the BTS event, we received in-depth feedback on our artwork.

Attendees at the Book Talk were unanimous in their enthusiasm to embark on publishing their own books.

The lecture provided us with deeper insights into managing chapters, strengthening our resolve to operate more effectively.

Both the opening and closing ceremonies were a spectacle of Korea's exquisite performance culture, captivating all of us.

The remarkable experience of drawing alongside hundreds of peers during the Big Sketch is an unforgettable memory we all cherish.

With these joyous moments, 'Asia Link Sketchwalk Suwon 2023' drew to a successful close. 

We hope it holds a special place in your artistic journey.

So thank the USkSuwon admins, TF members, and all supporters for their hard work in organizing this event.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to all the individuals, companies, and organizations that have supported us in both material and spiritual ways.

Without the cooperation of all these people, we would not have been able to hold an event as great as this.

Farewell, and we're excited to see you in Penang next year!

English will follow:


Hello UrbanSketchers!

이번 아시아링크 행사는 '북키즈콘' 이벤트와 함께 합니다. 

북키즈콘은 약10만명이 참석하는 아동 도서 관련 이벤트 인데요. 

북키즈콘에 대한 자세한 내용은 아래 홈페이지를 참고하세요!

여러분이 구매하신 워크샵/스케치패스는 

이 북키즈콘 이벤트의 입장권 역할도 동시에 하게 됩니다. 

이전에 북키즈콘과 함께 진행되는 컨퍼런스 입장권 쿠폰을 

일부 참가자에게 제공하기도 하였는데요. 

아시아링크 명찰이 있으신 분들은, 별도 등록 없이 컨퍼런스에 입장이 가능 합니다. 

일부 행사가 아시아링크와 일부 시간이 겹치는 부분도 있지만, 

북키즈콘은 10월 9일까지 진행되므로 

여러분들이 좋은 기회를 만나실 수 있으면 좋겠습니다. 

그럼 여러분!

곧 수원에서 뵙겠습니다!



Hello Urban Sketchers!

This Asia Link event is held with the ‘BooKidsCon’ event.

BooKidsCon is a children's book-related event attended by approximately 100,000 people.

For more information about BooKidsCon, please refer to the website below!

The workshop/sketch pass you purchased is

It also serves as an admission ticket to this BooKidsCon event.

Previously, We send a coupon for admission to the conference held in conjunction with BooKidsCon.

It was also provided to some participants.

Those who with an Asia Link name badge can enter the conference without registration.

Although some events have overlapping times with Asia Link,

BooKidsCon will run until October 9th.

I hope you can find a good opportunity.

Well then, we’ll see you all soon in Suwon!

thank you

English will follow : 


Hello Urbansketchers!

※ 이 글은 Eventus 에서 접수를 못하신 분들에 대한 안내 입니다. 

'워크샵/스케치 패스를 가지고 계신 분' 중에 

'4일에 못 오시는 분'들은 아래 글을 참고해 주세요


아래와 같이 현장 접수 방법 안내해 드립니다. 

+ 일정/장소 : 

- 4일 오후 13시~18시 / 광교 수원컨벤션센터 (컨벤션홀1)

- 5일, 6일 오전 9시30분~10시30분 / 광교 수원컨벤션센터 (4층 회의실 404호)

- 7일 오전 9시30분~10시30분 / 행궁동 수원화성박물관 (광장 아시아링크 천막)

+ 참가비 : 워크샵패스 15만원 / 스케치패스 10만원

+ 가능인원 : 워크샵패스 22명/ 스케치패스 22

- 매진될 경우 현장 신청도 불가능 합니다

+ 주의사항 : 

- 현장 참가자의 경우에는 굿즈가 담긴 에코백과 도시락이 지급되지 않습니다. 

(도시락은 4일 오후 6시에 1회 지급 됩니다)

+ 컨벤션센터와 화성박물관 사이의 셔틀버스 시간표는 아래에서 확인하세요


Hello Urbansketchers!

※ This article is guidance for those who were unable to apply at Eventus.

Among those who have a workshop/sketch pass:

If you cannot come on the 4th, please refer to the article below.


Below are instructions on how to apply on-site.

+ Schedule/Location :

- 4th 13:00~18:00 / Gwanggyo Suwon Convention Center (Convention Hall 1)

- 5th and 6th 9:30 to 10:30 am / Gwanggyo Suwon Convention Center (4th floor conference room 404)

- 7th 9:30-10:30 am / Haenggung-dong Suwon Hwaseong Museum (AsiaLink Tent in Square)

+ Participation fee : Workshop pass 150,000 won / Sketch pass 100,000 won

+ Capacity : 22 people for workshop pass / 22 people for sketch pass

- If sold out, on-site application is not possible.

+ Caution :

- Eco bags and lunch boxes containing goods will not be provided to on-site participants.

(Lunch boxes will be provided once at 6pm on the 4th)

Please check the shuttle bus timetable between the Convention Center and Hwaseong Museum below.

Hello Sketchers, 

This event has two major bases, Suwon Convention Center and Suwon Hwaseong Museum

So shuttle bus will be operated.

For Skechers who need to move their base, please check the schedule below.

The schedule may be modified on the day, so please do not take screen captures and visit this page right before boarding to check the time.


Shuttle bus time table


Place 1 : Ibis Hotel (Instructors)

Place 2 : Museum (Suwon hwaseong museum : Paldal-gu Office parking lot entrance)

Place 3 : Convention center (Suwon Convention center 1F entrance)

Place 4 : Jang-an park bus stop

- Exact boarding location may change



1) Thursday, October 5, 2023 / 1 Bus

2) Friday, October 6, 2023 / 1 Bus

3) Saturday, October 7, 2023 / 2 Buses

 Boarding point : Jangan Park (first car time - 16:10)

Destination: Convention center Designed by Freepik

Online registration is no more available

All of the event can register on-site (Only pass holder)

Come to 4th floor in Suwon Convention Center

(Last Opening ceremony was 3th floor)

+ Meeting room 

401 : Book Talk

402 : Waiting and Community room

403 : Lecture

405,406,407 : BTS


Hello Sketchers!!

We are accelerating preparations for the AsiaLink event.

I'm so excited to see you all in Suwon in two weeks!

Today, we will inform you about the event that will be held in the afternoon of the 3rd day of AsiaLink.

The previous timetable only said ‘Bookids Con Event’.

If you look now, 3 events have been added!

On the afternoon of the third day, three events will be held simultaneously at the convention center.

1. BTS: Bring the Sketchbook

2. Lecture

3. Book talk

Only those with a workshop/sketch pass holder can apply to participate.

Applications will be accepted from 20:00 (Korea time) on the 20th Sep (Wednesday).

※ This is an event that all starts at the same time. Please apply for only one thing~

We have sent you an application link via email.

If you have not received the email, please send a request to the email below and we will send you a link to apply.

See you in Suwon~

thank you

Dear urban sketchers,

Applications for workshop passes and sketch passes close at 20:00 on September 6, 2023.

Applications can be made on-site at October 4th.

However, unlike regular pass purchasers, you may not receive all the goods.

If sold out, additional registrations will not be possible on site.

See you in Suwon!

Dear urban sketchers and sponsors,

You can sell or demonstrate your products in this AsiaLink Event.

For those who want to sell books, goods, or products related to Urban Sketch,

Please don't hesitate to contact us!

※ A certain amount of sponsor fee is required.

+ Dates and locations available for sale:

- October 4, 23 / 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. / Suwon Convention Center Convention Hall

- All day on October 5-6, 23 / until 12:00 a.m. on the 7th / Suwon Hwaseong Museum

For inquiries regarding sales booths, please contact the email below.

thank you

Sketch Pass registration starts tomorrow

Please check the link below and prepare to purchase

We're going through a pretty rough time these days.

We didn't know preparing for the ALSW would be this hard.

Big applause once again to Skechers, who previously prepared for the symposium and Asia Link event.

I have to be already opened the workshop/sketch pass a long time ago.

Once again, I'm so very sorry.

We will open workshop pass registration on August 4th at 8pm (Korea Time)

and after a week,

On August 11th at 8:00 PM, we will open Sketch pass

Thank you so much for waiting and supporting us.

Hello Sketchers,

Thank you so much for waiting with love and interest.

Finally, we have opened our homepage.

Until today, there have been so many difficulties.

There are still many things to prepare,

We will try harder in the remaining period.

Workshop/Sketch pass registration opens at 20:00 on August 4, 2023. (Korean time)

As long as you waited

We will prepare a really fun 'AsiaLink Sketchwalk Suwon 2023' event!

We will continue to update information.

I miss all of you Sketchers!

thank you!


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+ Naver Cafe :

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Thank you

Our Partners

Thank you

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